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SANSAASOFT is a dynamic and progressive place to work. We are always searching for skilled professionals to join our expanding team. As an growing company we are sure to have a position to suit your background and interests. If you are ready to take the next step and further your professional aspirations then check out the seriously cool openings currently available. If you don’t see a position listed right now that would be a good fit, be sure to check back regularly since we are always updating the site. Our strong business focus has seen us post impressive growth figures. We have evolved innovative business models that address the wide-ranging requirements of our customers. We have nurtured new technological strengths and enhanced domain expertise. All these achievements have boosted our position to look forward to bigger and more challenging roles in the journey ahead. Our available openings are listed below. If your skill sets do not fit into one of the jobs listed please submit your resume HR@SANSASOFT.COM.


The Career Development Team in HR draws out a clear-charted, performance driven career path for each employee. To make it happen, the education & training team offers employees an effective mix of internal and external training programs, seminars and workshops to hone their technical as well as soft skills.

For the young minds who wish to stretch their limits and explore the realms of excellence, opportunities are abundant at SANSAASOFT. The organization has a flat structure that allows a dynamic exchange of talent. Invaluable exposure to cutting edge technologies combined with the opportunity to work with global customers, are just a part of the sansaasoft Experience.

At SANSAASOFT, the world begins with YOU. It is YOU and your skills that will stand up to the challenges and come out victorious. Our customers have corroborated us as a Partner of Choice that has given us desirable reputation of a company that leads innovation and intelligence to deliver the best RoI.

We are financially strong and growing northwards at a rapid pace. If you have the will to perform and also have some fun, then come aboard. There is scope; if you're special, we'll save it for you. And that's our sansaasoft promise. Smart minds working on cutting edge technologies, a culture that is at once invigorating and rewarding, and values that are simple and pursued with zeal – that is sansaasoft for you.

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